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About Us

MTM primarily does electrical work in the following industrial settings:

    Machine shops

    Metal fabricators

    Forge shops

    Heat treat facilities

    Barite grinding facilities and associated chemical additives for drilling mud

    Equipment associated with the separation of drilling mud from cuttings OEM

    Chemical plants


    Sand and gravel plants

    Ship loaders and unloaders

    Rail car and truck loaders and unloaders 

   Conveyor systems

    Pneumatic conveying systems (dense phase, dilute phase, and vacuum) OEM

    Pipeline equipment OEM

    Water and sewer systems (lift stations)


Design and installation:

    Electrical power and control systems

    Power distribution, power distribution centers

    Motor controls and motor control centers (VFDs and DC drives)

    PLC system design (assembly and programming)

    Documentation (AutoCAD drawings, PLC program files, customer requirements)

    The items above are often integrated into a stand-alone electrical control and power buildings capable of being shipped as complete units where they are lifted and set onto foundations at job sites around the world. We often assist in installation and startup.